#MyMnState: Meet Tom

Welcome to our #MyMnState blog series, where we’ll follow Minnesota State college and university students on their path to a college degree! Each featured student has chosen to take online learning courses, so the focus will be on their challenges, solutions and progress as an online learner.

Let’s get started!

Who are you?  Hi, my name is Tom. I’m a student at Metropolitan State University.

What are you up to? I’m working on a degree in Accounting in Business Management. (I made that up myself). Technically, I’m earning an Individualized Studies, BA and taking courses in accounting and management. man sitting and smile

When do you plan to graduate? I’ve been taking part time courses since fall 2011 and have four left, but I’ve hit the wall. My plan is to take one online course each semester, so I’ll be done in another four semesters.

Where were you before you started at Metro State? In the Navy for 20 years and 18 days. And then in Wisconsin, until I moved back to my hometown in Minnesota. I’ve been working full-time – still do.

Why this degree? Why now? When I moved home, I joined the local VFW and started helping out with the books and general management. My kids graduated and are on their own, so I decided to get to work on my degree.

Join us as we learn more about Tom and follow his online learning journey!

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Your next move…

In the midst of making important career decisions? It’s true what C.S. Lewis said: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Wonderful sentiment, but some of us need a little direction, a little help realizing our dream or setting some goals. "thinking of your next job move" question from newspaper

No worries. Our career counselor, Jennifer, is offering YOU the opportunity to participate in a free, self-paced online career workshop.

Jennifer will guide you learning a bit more about your skills, interests, work values and more and how they relate to possible careers. Together, you’ll explore academic programs and majors and develop an action plan and set goals to achieve your objectives.

Registration is free for all, but remember, you’ll get the best results if you invest 2-4 hours of time into active participation. After all…

“The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” – Unknown

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor

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