Any Door: Find Balance at WSU

It’s said that the key to a happy, successful life is all about finding balance. As new college freshman or working adult learners, students are always challenged to find a healthy balance between school, work and life. At Winona State University (WSU), students get a helping hand in creating balance from the day of admission.

WSU is really focused on providing their students with an environment that allows them to learn, live, work and play.

  • Learn – WSU offers a wide variety of top-notch academic programming. Their proximity to the Mayo Clinic means their health science programs are highly sought-after. For those looking to advance their career in the health or education fields, WSU Graduate Studies offers a number of online post-baccalaureate options.
  • Live – Students can take advantage of on-campus housing, including a Veterans’ home dedicated to students with military service. The WSU campus is annually named one of the nation’s “greenest” campuses, is tobacoo-free and has a great wellness complex.
  • Work – Many of Winona State’s programs include the opportunity for hands-on learning, whether through lab learning on a floating classroom (the Cal Fremling), community engagement or partnerships with area businesses, organizations and industries.
  • PlayStudent Life & Development at WSU offers students a ton of options for fun outside of the classroom. In addition, Winona itself has plenty of natural beauty, arts, culture and outdoor recreation to explore.

Other cool tidbits: WSU’s “eWarrior” program is the first in the Midwest among public universities to provide all students with a tablet and laptop upon admission; WSU is host to the Gunderson National Child Protection Training Center.


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