Any Door: Best in Class

They say to focus on quality, not quantity. But Zig Ziglar says “Overdeliver in all you do and soon you will be rewarded for the extra effort.” Well then, let us just say:

Hats off to Riverland Community College!

Riverland has been over-delivering for decades, but it is the students, communities and employers they serve who really benefit from the Riverland reward. How so?

  • More than 350 of Riverland Community College’s courses can be completed partially or entirely online or via interactive TV (ITV). Offering so much flexibility to students is amazing, especially because quality is not sacrificed in the process. 70 percent of courses involve ITVRiverland’s dedication to being “best in class” means that 69 of their online courses are Quality Matters certified, (almost double that of any other Minnesota State college) to ensure they are “modeling integrated, research-based best practices in curriculum and instruction that exceed accreditation standards.”
  • 88 career programs offered by Riverland qualify for the new Occupational Grant Pilot Program, offering financial assistance (read: FREE TUITION) to qualifying students. This new grant, created by the Minnesota Legislature, is available to students for fall 2016 enrollment in high-quality Riverland programs that lead to high-demand, great-paying careers.

There are dozens of other ways that Riverland over-delivers: tons of student activities and organizations, outstanding student services and plenty of transfer pathways and other agreements to be sure students are well-served academically.

Our Any Door visit on March 9 truly inspired us, which caused us to over-deliver a bit on this blog post 😉



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