Any Door: Life-Long Learning

The folks in Hibbing, Minnesota are no strangers to getting started on something. Their community is known for a pioneering spirit in mining (once the Iron Capital of the World), a dedication to the arts (Bob Dylan hales from Hibbing) and other notable historic tidbits. So how fitting is it that the Hibbing Community College (HCC) asks students to “start seeing doors open” when they land on the HCC home page?

MnSCU Online support center staff visited HCC on March 1 and learned about all they have to offer students starting a new career path or trying to open doors in their current path. Here are a few notables regarding HCC offerings:

  • Offering a way for students to gain new skills without have to relocate or quit their job to attend school full-time, HCC offers a couple of unique online programs in the healthcare industry:
  • One of just two MnSCU campuses with an on-site firing range, Law Enforcement students get a full academy experience while completing their MN POST Skills Training.

There are lots of opportunities for new students, adult learners or businesses looking to train employees at Hibbing Community College, so start seeing doors open!



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