Any Door: Bemidji Beckons

On February 18, our Any Door tour brought us to Bemidji to visit Bemidji State University (BSU) and Northwest Technical College (NTC). MnSCU Online support center staff learned that these two institutions work very closely to create pathways for students in high-demand career fields.

For example, with some careful planning and a heap of commitment, a student could actually start at NTC with a Business Foundations Certificate and work their way up to a Masters in Business Administration from BSU. And it’s all available online. They have a similar pathway in nursing. How amazing is that?

Students can start from scratch or enter either NTC or BSU with some prior learning. The administration are committed to helping students understand how their prior college, work, military or life experience can be applied to a program or degree. Both institutions use the Veterans Education Transfer System and have Tony Schnellbach (Higher Education Veterans Program Regional Coordinator) available to talk about vocational training programs and other military education benefits.

There is so much to offer academically at either BSU or NTC, but Bemidji is also a great environment to learn in. There’s even free parking in the winter, if you’re hardy enough to park on the lake!


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