#MyMnState: A Long and Uncertain Journey

“Just be prepared for a long and often uncertain journey. The good stuff doesn’t come easy.” – Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora

We shared that quote with Tom (our #MyMnState featured student) and asked if it had any significance in his life. His response: “Yes. On many levels: life, the Navy, school…”Empty quide-post in savana

Tom’s journey to online learning at Metropolitan State University has been long and uncertain. After high school, he spent one semester at Itasca Community College, then transferred to what is now Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Fergus Falls for a semester. Not sure what his path was, Tom says:

“I walked into my parents’ house after quitting school and my job. The phone was ringing and it was the Navy recruiter from Alexandria. We had talked a year earlier, but I wasn’t interested then.”

Definitely put in a “right-place, right-time” situation, Tom joined the United States Navy and spent 20+ years serving our country at 8 stations, on 3 ships. In the Navy, Tom learned more about himself and his career goals. No surprise, he realized that he is highly skilled in order and organization. Managing numbers, inventory and people are his thing, so an online degree in accounting seemed like a natural move.

Join us next time as we check in on Tom!


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