Pumpkin Spice Season

America loves its pumpkin spice. Here in Minnesota, we’ve always loved our pumpkin “bars,” so if you ask me, we started this trend. This fall, you’ll see pumpkin spice everywhere. Even in online learning. No kidding! Just look at all the ways you can earn an online degree in pumpkin spice with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. (Well, sort of…)

  • Interested in infusing pumpkin spice into wines? There’s an online program for that. (Enology programs are available online by Central Lakes College.)
  • Excited about designing a kitchen around the pumpkin spice color? There’s an online program for that. (Century College offers an online Kitchen and Bath Design Certificate.)
  • Looking to be a master marketer of all things pumpkin spice? There’s an online program for that. (From certificate to bachelors degree, we’ve got you covered here!)
  • Want to weld a giant pumpkin in honor of your pumpkin spice obsession? There’s an online program for that, too! (Several colleges partner to offer an online Welding certificate – with some on-site learning requirements, of course.)

And that’s just the start! We’ve also got education programs to train you in teaching the next generation of pumpkin spice lovers. And health programs where you can (I’m guessing) learn about the medical benefits of adding pumpkin spice to your life.

Your options are endless! Application fees are being waived next week (October 27-31) for College Knowledge Month at most Minnesota State colleges and universities, so now is a great time to get started on your pumpkin spice dreams!

Questions? Ask an online advisor, seven days a week and weeknights until 9pm. Our office is fully stocked with pumpkin spice coffee : )

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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