Pursue Your Passion!

I was cruising down the interstate and was consumed with excitement and nerves…  I was moving to Yuma, Arizona to pursue my passion of being an elementary teacher.  After months of searching for a teaching job in Minnesota, I decided to expand my search to Arizona and was offered a 2nd grade teaching position.  I had never been to Arizona but I decided to take a chance.  Yes, it would be a huge adjustment for a small town Minnesota gal but I knew I had to seize this opportunity!  If I didn’t pursue my dream of teaching, I knew I would regret it later on in my life.

I am not going to lie, the first year in Yuma was difficult; I taught in a movie theater, Teacher and students looking at computerswitched multiple schools and grades, my car broke down and I was bit by a dog!  Through each experience, I learned, grew as a person and became independent.  After I settled down, I discovered the joy of teaching 1st graders and was thrilled with the tremendous support from the parents.  I would not trade this experience for the world!

Passion gives your life purpose; it drives you to achieve your goals and dig deeper than you ever imagined possible.  It sparks an energy deep within that you cannot explain…  When your life lacks passion, there is less meaning, spark and little substance.  Sometimes it’s difficult following your own path, but don’t let the obstacles discourage you from going for it!  With dedication and hard-work, you can achieve your wildest dreams!

What did you always want to be when you grew up?  Did you want to be a teacher, accountant or nurse?  Don’t give up on your dreams! Minnesota Online offers hundreds of online programs and courses to help you achieve your goals that align with your greatest passion in life!

Contributed by: Kimberly Imdieke | Online Advisor


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