Strike a Balance!

“Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

One beautiful summer day my sister and I were canoeing on Lake Calhoun when all of sudden another canoe began paddling full-throttle towards us and neither of us knew what to do.  Bang!  We crashed into each other…  Luckily, we didn’t tip and everyone was safe.  After our fits of giggles subsided, my sister exclaimed; “I think they only know one speed!”  I responded, “That’s true; remember that was just like us when we first learned…”

The incident made me consider the idea of balance; if you’re always going through life  in high-gear, you can’t see every obstacle and you may just run right into them!  You don’t have the opportunity to stop and enjoy life because you are consistently thinking about the future.  On the other hand, if you sit there doing nothing you might let life pass you by and eventually someone will ram into you.  If you are always focusing on the past, you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the present.woman in city with book and bag

Do you have balance in your life?  Balance is unique for everyone, but it’s living in the moment and finding where your mind, body and spirit collide as one.  College can help you achieve your balance and move forward.  In addition, you can continue to learn, grow and experience new adventures.  You can take one course on an intriguing subject, enroll in a program to further your career or finish that degree you started.  With college, you have endless possibilities to achieve the balance you have been looking for!

Contributed by: Kimberly Imdieke / Online Advisor


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