Aspire to Inspire!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked my four-year old nephew as we were playing cops and robbers. I was expecting him to answer “a police officer.” Instead, he exclaimed “A lineworker like my dad!” I was speechless as I looked over and saw a proud grin on my brother’s face.

We each have people who influence our career decisions. Even at a young age, we have individuals we want to emulate.  For me it was my older sister; I remember when I couldn’t decide on a major she told me,  “I think you would make a wonderful teacher.”  My sister was a great instructor and I looked up to her, so naturally when she said this, I majored in elementary education.  She saw something in me that I didn’t know existed because I would have never thought to become a teacher. For five years, I enjoyed teaching students and still have a rewarding career in education.

Who do you aspire to be?  A teacher like your favorite instructor?  A nurse like your mom? A business guru like your father?  A computer technician like your friend?  With the right training and education, you can INSPIRE future generations and one day someone may look up and say, “I want to be like you.”

Contributed by: Kimberly Imdieke | Online Advisor


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