Where’s the green?

It’s difficult to believe that we are already a couple weeks into the spring season but some of the signs are already here: spring break is over, registration for summer and fall 2014 is opening across MnSCU, baseball is here, tax season is coming to a close this month and we finally had outside temperatures in the 40’s.

Gravel road appearing from beneath the snow

“Where The Pavement Ends and The North Begins”

While some students are getting ready to graduate, now is a good time to see if you can shave time off the length of your degree. Check out available online summer courses and see if there is a per-requisite course you can get out of the way. It is amazing how much time one or two summer courses could shave off of your program length.

The summer is also a great time to get some of those pesky foundational courses out of the way. Need online foundational/developmental writing, reading or math? Talk with an online advisor about how to find one that will transfer back to fulfill your college’s requirement.

Finally, if after this long winter you are feeling the need for some heat, try a Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. This past weekend, Guinness World Records dubbed it the hottest chili in the world. You can order one, see how happy it made these people who tried it.

Contributed by Scott Tadlock | Online Advisor

[Image credit: Bill’s Magical Mystery Tour]


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