Preparing for Midterms

As we approach the halfway point for the Spring 2014 semester we wanted to pass along some study tips picked up when we were in college.

Hopefully some of these tips may help you prepare for the mid-term exams.

Study Tips

  • If possible take 10-15 minutes immediately after class to review the material discussed and add additional notes that can help clarify the material for a later date.
  • If possible take 10-15 minutes prior to class to review your notes from the prior session.
  • Create your own study spaceLearning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence. Abigail Adams
  • Have all study materials in front of you – it is easy to get frustrated if you have to continuously get up and find notes, books and other materials.
  • Take frequent breaks while studying – Studies have shown that a people recall information studied at the beginning and end of a study sessions with greater accuracy.
  • Spread out your study sessions – It is much more effective to study smaller sections over multiple days then trying to cram all the information in a short period.
  • Playing some soft music in the background can help you relax while studying.
  • Don’t study in your bed – Falling asleep for a nap with the book on your head, doesn’t work.
  • Check out GPS lifeplan study tips

Remember, every student is unique. Study skills that work for one of us may not fit the learning style of another student. Each student needs to discover what works best for themselves. Take some time to develop a schedule and study habits that fit your learning style.

Additional learning resources can be found at

Best wishes on your upcoming tests.

Contributed by: Scott Tadlock | Online Advisor


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