What’s your back-up plan?

My three-year-old has a favorite pop song – Katy Perry’s “Roar” – which she affectionately refers to as “the fire song.” When we’re driving, she politely asks me if I can find “the fire song” for her on the radio. If we’re lucky, I get to hear a sweet voice quietly sing “You knocked me down, but I got up” from the back seat. Other times, she’ll say “That’s okay, Mom. Maybe we can watch it on the ‘puter when we get home?”

I love that at such a young age, she is a positive thinker and is using some forethought to create a back-up plan to get what she wants. Granted, the motive isn’t always so innocent…but hey, she IS only three!

What about you? Are you creating a back-up plan for your job or career? Much like the song lyrics, life often knocks us down and requires us to find a way back up. If you find yourself back on the job market, consider this:

“According to the Minnesota Department of Education, by the year 2020, almost three-fourths of all the jobs in the state will require some post-secondary education. Half of these jobs will require a bachelor’s degree or beyond, with the remainder requiring a certificate, diploma or associate’s degree.”  [Bryan, Judy. (Dec. 31, 2013). World’s Best Workforce: Job program to aid students. Fairmont Sentinel.]

Plan BEven while employed, working on your back-up plan and advancing your education is an option. Online learning is flexible: attend part-time or full-time; participate at 2AM, 1PM or 10PM; learn at your desktop or on your mobile device.

Tuition at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has been frozen for two years, so there is not a better time to get started on your “plan b.” Need help? Online advisors are available seven days a week to answer your questions via web chat, email or phone at 1.800.456.8519.

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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