Have yourself a healthy little bank account

‘Tis the season: hot cocoa is flowing, cookies and candies are abundant, presents are wrapped up under the tree! I love the holidays!

winter scene

Season’s Greetings from Minnesota Online!

That is…until the bills start arriving. Christmas isn’t cheap. And just as your mailbox starts filling up with statements instead of greetings, students have the added pressure of a tuition bill and an expensive trip to the bookstore!

Managing your money is not easy, nor is it typically a skill you are born with. A panel of students at a conference last week, told us that managing finances is something they wish they were taught MORE of before entering college.

What can you do NOW to have yourself a healthy little bank account?

  1. Apply for financial aid. Every student should – whether you think you’ll qualify or not.
  2. Be aware of education tax credits. Tax season is next!
  3. Are you a Veteran, spouse or dependent? Research Military Education Benefits.
  4. Check out tips on “Money management for students” from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Need more resources? Our friends at Distance Minnesota have a Pinterest board with some resources on budgeting, managing debt and more.

Happy Holidays, friends!

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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