From Failure to Success

I was staring down at my first biology exam trying to fight back tears. I got an F!  How could that be?  I studied, reviewed my notes and went to class every day.  So, I spoke with the instructor to see what I could do to improve on the next test.  The next exam came and still another F.  What should I do?

Most individuals would have withdrawn from the course, but it didn’t even phase me.  I am a fighter!  If I am knocked down, I come up swinging.  So, I stayed in the course.  By the end of the semester, I had received F’s on all my tests and most of my quizzes.  The final was coming, and I knew I had to ace it.  I studied, studied and studied some more.  I took the final and felt it went well, but was it enough to pass my biology course?  When grades were posted, I was nervous and my palms were sweating as I looked next to my name.  I earned a B!  It was truly amazing!

How do you deal with failures?  Do you let them discourage you, or do you learn and bounce back quickly?  Everyone fails at some point in their life, but what’s important is that you grow and become stronger than before.  Is a fear of failure keeping you from entering college?  If you don’t attempt college, you will never know what success could be waiting for you.  Be courageous and apply to college today.  You will succeed!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchhill

Submitted by: Kimberly Imdieke | Online Advisor


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