Plan ahead for Spring term – Application fees waived October 25-31

Spring into Your Future!

Spring term – January? Really?!!

Planning ahead for “spring” brings up visions of tulips and sunshine.  However, in the world of education, spring happens in January.  January, you say?  Yes – January.

In January, we’ll all be snowed under, covered in blankets, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the blustery wind.  BUT, if you act now, you could also be curled up with a good book and meeting new people!  Perhaps you would be studying accounting or world history or health or even public speaking from the comfort of your living room! Consider an entire program online if you want to stick it out when the weather warms up!

Spring term begins in January and runs through early May.  We’d like to help you expand your horizons from the bleak snowy frontier you see out the window in the dead of winter.  Consider learning online!  It’s a great way to gain access to an extraordinary education when travel is prohibitive!  If you apply this week (October 25-31), all MnSCU colleges and universities are waiving the application fee.  This is our gift to you!  (Consider it an early holiday gift since “spring” arrives in two months.)

Contributed by:   Kristi Karels | Online Technologist


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