Your Time to Shine!

My nephew Elliott and I were sitting at the Minnesota Twins game and I whispered to him, “Wave at the cameras so we get on the big screen!” We both started waving wildly and looked up to see ourselves larger than life, it was awesome! Neither of us could stop smiling for the rest of the game.  That moment may have lasted under five minutes but it felt like an eternity and we won’t soon forget it.  That was our moment to shine!

mc910217033Could going to college be your chance to shine? Think of all the possibilities! You could receive an “A” on a test, complete a rewarding project or nail a speech for a class.  These may be defining moments that you remember and they will likely help create who you are. I once gave a presentation for an Ethics course in college and aced it. After the presentation, the instructor asked if he could use my outline as an example for his other courses. I was thrilled and felt so proud!

You create your destiny! If you are not sure if online courses are for you; envision all the possibilities of what you could achieve with a degree… college could be your time to shine!

Submitted by: Kimberly Imdieke | Online Advisor


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