On the road to your degree…

Whether you are currently enrolled in a college course, program or degree or taking the first steps toward enrollment, your degree may be closer than it appears. 

Keeping the following tips in mind should help on the road to your degree.

  • While a GPS that gives you step-by-step directions is convenient, nothing can substitute for reading your own road signs. This applies to your time as a student as well. College staff, advisors and faculty are great resources to help you set a path and assist when you get lost, but you are in charge of your journey. You have to be able to read signs that pop up and interpret how they will effect you.
  • You won’t typically encounter “Road Closed” signs as you pursue higher education, but we can’t promise there won’t be some detours along the way. Embrace them. While they might seem overwhelming at first, these detours often provide great learning experiences and allow you to see sites you might not otherwise see.detour
  • Pay attention to warning signs, they may allow you to avoid detours altogether! Nervous about getting started with online learning? Make sure you have the appropriate technology requirements and review the attributes of successful online learners. Didn’t do so hot on your first exam? Discuss your concerns with your instructor and explore online learning resources.
  • Utilize the rest stops. Along with your college, the Minnesota Online Support Team offers several rest stops along the way for you to regain some strength and perspective. For instance, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the road ahead and wondering if it’s really the right path for you, Minnesota Online offers an Online Career Workshop to assist you in learning more about yourself and developing an action plan to get you back on your way.

Keep in mind that “Life is a journey, not a destination,” and your path to earning a college degree is just a part of the journey. Thinking of your degree as the end point can make college a chore. Don’t cheat yourself out of what you can learn by taking in all of the scenery.

Originally contributed by Laura Griffin & Nicole Seifert (Minnesota Online Advising Team) on October 11, 2012


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