Take a dare and “stand up for yourself”

Online students are encountering challenges which are new to the 21st century. Many work full-time or part-time jobs at a desk, and then find themselves doing homework at a desk for another good part of the day. Take the following dare and challenge yourself to get out of your rut!

Be creative and consider adapting to a more active lifestyle – regardless of your computer time … If you find yourself on your derrière too many hours per day, take these tips to get give your body a break.

  1. Set a timer to encourage breaks throughout the day – On those breaks, do not move to another “sitting” location, but consider walking stairs or in the park.  Your eyes need a break too – so go somewhere you can exercise your eye muscles too.
  2. If you simply cannot leave your desk, try standing while on the phone.  Your voice sounds more confident when you are standing, plus you burn extra calories.
  3. For those of us who need a kick in the pants – try Free Alarm Clock – Large messages with cheerful music can be programmed daily.
  4. If possible adapt your learning station to accommodate a treadmill or pedal station… You could even make a standing desk!
  5. If adapting your desk isn’t an option, take your laptop to the machine or consider using eBooks so you can read while “out and about”
  6. When you do get into the workforce, consider asking if there is a work-out room, with a treadmill or elliptical.  These are invaluable on really hot, rainy or cold days when outside time isn’t really an option.

We know many adult learners are trapped between the chair and the computer – both at work and in their online courses – These measures may help you feel like you are doing your body and your mind a favor!

Submitted by Kristi Karels | Online Technologist

Infographic with details about sitting hazards

Sitting is killing you – the truth about sitting down


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