Don’t let your brain “freeze” this summer!

Brain freeze

Brain Freeze – don’t let it happen to you!

Research shows that during the summer months, students of all ages tend to backslide! Don’t be one of the statistics.  Keep your brain cells thoroughly engaged with summer courses – It’s not too late to register.  If you want to take a break from taking courses for credit (or need to work so you have money to pay for the next school year), consider using the Learning Resources available available at Minnesota Online in your free time!

Learning resources are available for when you are feeling overwhelmed, but they can also be used to get ahead on your fall learning schedule.  Are you registered for a tough class this fall?  Get a feel for the coursework by working over your head in HippoCampus.    Have you been to your local library?  If you want to try something new, engage yourself by digging deeper @ your library using the library resources available  at your campus OR throughout the state and online!  What a great way to explore research topics or stay in the know with current events.

Don’t be a statistic – Keep your brain engaged year-round.  Who said you can’t learn while on vacation or when school is not is session? The image below has great ideas for elementary age students, but we can help college students and adult learners.  If you need ideas for summer learning, ask an online advisor! We are available seven days a week to keep your brain from freezing up!

Submitted by Kristi Karels | Online Technologist

Summer learning - pros and cons

The history of summer vacation


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