A job after college requires a plan…

“College just isn’t worth what it used to be.”

Oh, but it is. As long as you have a plan.

I recently read the CNNMoney article quoted above that stated “41% of college graduates from the last two years are stuck in jobs that don’t require a degree.” The article goes on to say that recent graduates feel weighed down by “lack of job options” and the “need for additional training” in order to start a career. And “nearly half of the recent graduates believe they would fare better in the job market if they’d pursued a different major.”

Why is this surprising? In the past few years, unemployment rates have been pretty steady, budget constraints and down-sizing are typical and the nation’s skills gap has received widespread publicity. In my opinion, graduates could have been better prepared for this.

College requires a plan. A well-researched and thought-out plan. No matter what career you want, you have to prepare for the skills, training and/or degree required to find a job. You really can’t afford to wing it.

That’s what we’re here for. Minnesota Online‘s advisors work seven days a week to offer assistance in career and education planning. We’ll help you find the shortest path to fulfilling your dreams. Make an appointment today or visit www.mnscu.edu/online for additional resources.

Contributor: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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