Part of the job…

Maybe you already know this, but the Minnesota Online support center is staffed by a wonderful group of people working out of an office in Perham, Minnesota. While our numbers are small, we are definitely a lively, fun-loving bunch. You can learn more about our support team by perusing our eFolio sites.

Given the continued growth in online learning and success of other partnerships that Minnesota Online fosters, we recently posted opportunities to add three new people to our permanent staff. If you applied for one of these positions, here are a few things you have to look forward to when joining our crazy group (you know, aside from the challenging work in a creative environment):

  • It takes very little convincing to get us all on board for a potluck.
  • We have philosophical discussions on the use of the term donut vs. roll.
  • Staff are encouraged to be awesome, so we can post about it online.
  • Wise people in ugly sweaters. Need we say more?

Good luck to all applicants! Watch for information on new team members this summer…

(This post is an edited version of our “Won’t You Be Our Neighbor” post from May 2012.)

Contributor: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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