What is your season?

Snow Tulips - prepare for spring

Tulips can recover from an extended winter! How ’bout you?

Are you considering a change?  It’s spring, but the weather can fluctuate in temperature from 0° to 60° within 24 hours.  Let’s take a lesson from Mother Nature.  All humans also need to be prepared for change.

  • Do you need to adapt to changes in your workplace?
  • Do you have personal goals that you wish to meet?
  • Do you want to finish something that you started, but life happened?

Challenge yourself to make a change:

  • Identify a goal and make a small step toward completing that goal.
  • Make the leap to online education?  Take a quiz  to see if you are able to adapt to the online learning lifestyle.
  • If you are ready to adapt, consider all the transitions that will come your way and then make the leap!
  • Scan a list of online courses. Or review online degrees offered by the 31 state colleges and universities.

With these basic tips, the ice (freezing your goals and progress) should melt and Spring (Noun definition 3) should arrive!
Submitted by Kristi Karels | Online Technologist


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