Communication is the key!

On this day in 1860, the Pony Express took its first ride. Two horse and rider relay teams simultaneously left St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California…one west bound the other east bound. Over 1800 arduous miles through hostile Indian Territory the riders and their horses galloped at top speed, carrying 20 pounds of mail. At the 150 relay stations set up along the Pony Express Trail, horses were switched out at every 10 to 15 miles and riders were switched out every 75 to 100 miles until their destination was reached approximately 10 to 12 days later. This was an amazing feat in 1860 when mail delivery was either by ship from New York to California, taking at least a month or by stagecoach which could take anywhere from three weeks to many months to arrive. With an average delivery time of 10 days, the Pony Express was a remarkable success but unfortunately short-lived. When the transcontinental telegraph line was completed in October of 1861, the Pony Express faded into a memory of the Old West and the electronic communication age commenced.

Today, we take for granted the countless ways in which we are able to communicate with each other over long distances. We have the telegraph, the telephone, the fax machine, the cell phone, email, texting and VoIP. In a matter of seconds, we can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. We can even see who we’re talking to in real time…something jane-jetsonwe only dreamed of in the Sixties while watching The Jetsons* on Saturday morning cartoons!

People will always feel to the need to connect and communicate with each other. Without sufficient communication skills it would be virtually impossible for us to accomplish anything. Throughout history, poor communication can be blamed for many global and national conflicts…not to mention personal ones! So, the ability to express one’s self well through the spoken and written word is essential to success in every part of life…communication is the key to success.

Minnesota Online offers a variety of online programs in the field of Communications. From Certificates to Masters Degrees, you can search online for the perfect program to put you on the path to personal prosperity! (Say that fast 10 times…betcha can’t!)

*Credit for The Jetsons name and image:  Warner Bros. Television


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