Socialize with us!

If you’re reading this, it’s obvious that you have found our blog, but did you know we have additional social media networks to help keep you informed and up-to-date on online education and more specifically, online education programs available throughout the state of Minnesota? We hope you’ll help us spread the word and increase our online presence by engaging in one or more our following social networks:

FacebookLike us on Facebook and share our posts! We make a point of posting daily education information and resources and hosting events to get students and educators involved. Check out our current #26Acts of Kindness event to see how we’re getting involved in our community.

TwitterFollow us on Twitter, retweet our tweets and mention us in your own! We tweet resources and articles throughout the day. Join us for #MOLchat every Thursday at noon or 8pm to ask questions and learn more about Minnesota Online!

You TubeSubscribe to our YouTube channel, The LightHouse, for tips and resources for online learning! Our online advisor, Nicole, has recently posted a great video discussing the path to earning a 4 year degree.


Our social networks have been developed with our educators and current and future students in mind, so we welcome your feedback! What social networks are you using? What are we doing right, and where might we improve? We appreciate your opinions and will work to implement them whenever we can!

Thank you for your support and helping us spread the word!

Contributor: Laura Griffin | Online Advisor


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