Tackle your homework!

The NFL has started with a bang! Put the same determination and energy into your schoolwork that the football players put into their game. Use these helpful tips to tackle your schoolwork: 

  • Get help with technology- Know where to get help if you have technology problems and have a backup plan is something goes wrong. Also, familiarize yourself with Desire2Learn (D2L), so you feel comfortable in the format.
  • Stay connected with the “coach”- Remember the instructor does not know you need assistance until you ask for help. Most instructors think you understand the content if you don’t speak up, so use your voice! If you build a solid rapport with the instructor they will know you care and can see where you are coming from.
  • Budget your time– When planning your schedule set aside 12-15 hours of study time each week per course and create a study schedule you can stick with. Don’t forget to log into class each day to check for updates!
  • Find your motivation- Everyone has something that makes them tick and it’s up to you to figure out your motivation. For some people it’s crossing off a task on a do list, and for others it’s a cappuccino after they complete an assignment. To discover what makes you hustle, ask yourself these questions.
      • What makes you keep working at any task?
      • Do you get excited when you master a skill?
      • Do you need a reward?

Minnesota Online wants you to be on the winning team, so contact our ONLINE ADVISORS seven days a week with any questions.

Kim Imdieke | Online Advisor
1.800.456.8519 | mnscuonline@custhelp.com


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