First day jitters?

Starting online courses this fall? Have the first day jitters? Use the first day checklist below for each of your online courses to make it a smooth transition.

Back to School - Are you ready?

1. Log in to EVERYTHING!  – It’s important to check for announcements regarding your college, your program or course(s) on a daily basis. To stay in the know, be sure you are checking the following daily:

  • Your student email – the primary mode of communication for everything regarding your college education and courses
  • Your course room – read News items on your course home page in Desire2Learn (D2L) or whatever platform your college/course is using
  • Your college website – check for college-related announcements regarding closures, events, or even scholarship opportunities

2. Check your course – Login and participation in the first week of online courses is critical! You need to participate or you risk getting behind, or possibly, losing your seat in the course.

3. Read the syllabus – For each course you should find, print and READ the course syllabus. Keep a copy of each course syllabus in a safe place in case you should need to refer to them down the road.

4. Open the book – Be sure that you have ordered and received the correct textbook and/or course materials (refer to the course syllabus) before opening the packaging. Once confirmed, open the book and (at the very least) start skimming the pages.

5. Mark your calendar – Start marking your calendar with important college and course dates for better time management.

6. Email the instructor – You should note the contact information for your instructor(s). We suggest you email your instructor(s) on day one to introduce yourself and be sure you know how to use the email tool.

7. Complete any assignment(s) – Get a head start! Look for assignments that are due within the first week or two and get to work!

Most importantly…have fun! There is so much to enjoy about online learning, including the diversity of your classmates. Be sure to build breaks into your study time so you don’t burn yourself out. Visit the GPS LifePlan for additional study strategies.

And don’t forget…we have staff available seven days a week to troubleshoot questions!


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