Become a champion learner!

Winning is an attitude that is learned through practice and hard work. With the Olympics

London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympics

fast approaching, we’ll see much focus on athletes and their lives dedicated to the sport in which they excel. As an athlete, you do not need to be an Olympian to be a champion. I see pint-size winners every summer playing soccer and baseball in Summer Rec.  Anyone willing to get out on the playing field can be a winner. Last weekend, I competed in a 5K race. I didn’t expect to win the race, but I did finish and feel great about my accomplishment.

You can be a champion in education too! You don’t need to have Olympian dreams of entering doctoral programs or completing 17 credits a semester. You can start small! Take one class this fall to improve your computer skills or learn about family budgets with a course in Personal Financial Management.

I’ve learned to take baby-steps in my fitness life and still feel confidence. We should consider the goals we have in education no different. Start small with one or two courses to build your confidence and develop good study habits. Once you feel successful with one course, take on greater challenges OR simply keep going at the same pace. Your skills and self-confidence will improve. Even Olympians were beginners at one time. Take your education one day at a time, set manageable goals and plan for your success. You’ll feel like a champion in your own personal Olympics.

Contributed by: Kristi Karels, Online Technologist


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