6 Cool Tools for Educators (that I learned about yesterday)

Yesterday was such a good day! Me being a lover of new information, neat tricks and cool gadgets and tools, I could not pass up the opportunity to sit in on a technology workshop for online faculty being held in our office.

While I don’t teach online, I do help maintain an orientation workshop for new online learners. Our group is always looking for ways to make the orientation feel like a “real” online course so students are better prepared to begin actual coursework in an upcoming term.

Here are 6 very cool educational technology (edtech) tools I learned about:

1. Meetings.io – Like Skype, this free tool lets you meet face-to-face online. What I love about meetings.io is that no one has to download software or create an account. (Great for online learners who are less tech-savvy).

2. Tungle.me – For educators, this is a great way to show availability for office hours. A public profile lets you show others what times you are available and schedule a meeting with you. Tungle.me also easily syncs with your existing calendars (i.e. Blackberry. Google, Outlook, etc).

3. Symbaloo – A visual bookmarking application that looks similar to a smart phone screen, Symbaloo holds tiles of all your frequently visited site. Set is as your home page, create tabs to stay organized, and keep links to all your favorite sites in the cloud!

4. Producteev – With web, desktop and mobile apps, Producteev lets you manage your to-do list from everywhere. A free tool for individuals, you can also sync your account with Google, Windows and other accounts. Worth checking out!

5. TypeItIn – At first glance, this tool isn’t as flashy as the others…but it sure packs some punch! If you find yourself retyping the same information into emails, online forums or other documents over and over again, this tool could save you some major time. Enter your text once and from there use the TypeItIn button to insert text whenever you need it. No more copy and paste needed! (Note: This tool is not free.)

6. Doodle.com – I really like this free tool. With an account, you can poll others to schedule a meeting. Because it syncs to your personal calendar, it adds tentative meetings so you don’t double-book!

Hope you can find some use from these cool tools! Looking for something else? Our friends at Distance Minnesota have tons of other web 2.0 tools listed for educators.

I’d like to give a BIG “thank you” to the faculty member running the workshop for letting me attend!

Contributor: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor | Minnesota Online Support Team


2 thoughts on “6 Cool Tools for Educators (that I learned about yesterday)

  1. We use symbaloo with our kids and staff at the elementary level. It’s a great way for the kids to visually see which sites they’re going to, but it also speeds up their movement and the accessibility of appropriate sites. It works well and seemlessly integrates into our school.

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