4 Reasons You Should Say YES to Summer Courses

1. Shorter more focused classes
Have a subject you’re dreading? Summer is a great time to focus on a tough course without the stress of a full-time course load.

2. It lightens the load for next year.
Maybe you’re getting married in the fall or planning a great vacation for next spring. Take a course or two this summer to lighten your load for an upcoming term and you won’t fall behind in your graduation plan!

3. It keeps you sharp.
Heard that saying “use it or lose it”? Even one summer course can help you keep the good study habits it took you all year to perfect.

4. Finish your degree faster.
There are a wide variety of both technical and general education courses being offered this summer to help anyone (in any major) get closer to completing their degree.

Lots of summer courses are already underway, but plenty have start-dates in June. Contact the Minnesota Online Advising Team today for help in finding a course that meets your needs.

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