Work Ethics

How is your job search going? Have you been fortunate enough to have several interviews but no offers? Maybe you’re not letting the real you come through!

Certainly, employers like to see that you have the education and experience to handle the job. MinnesotaOnline-hand-displaying-hiredHowever, they also want to know what kind of person you are. Specifically, your values and your work ethic. They want to know how well your type of personality will fit into their organization.

According to Amelia Jenkins of Demand Media: “A work ethic is a set of moral principles an employee uses in her job. There are 5 Factors that demonstrate a strong work ethic. Incorporate this list of skills into your interview and show your potential employer that you have what it takes to be a valued employee.”

Integrity stretches to all aspects of an employee’s job. An employee with integrity fosters trusting relationships with clients, coworkers and supervisors. Coworkers value the employee’s ability to give honest feedback. Clients trust the employee’s advice. Supervisors rely on the employee’s high moral standards, trusting him not to steal from the company or create problems.

Sense of Responsibility
A strong sense of responsibility affects how an employee works and the amount of work she does. When the employee feels personally responsible for her job performance, she shows up on time, puts in her best effort and completes projects to the best of her ability.

Emphasis on Quality
Some employees do only the bare minimum, just enough to keep their job intact. Employees with a strong work ethic care about the quality of their work. They do their best to produce great work, not merely churn out what is needed. The employee’s commitment to quality improves the company’s overall quality.

It takes a certain level of commitment to finish your tasks every day. An employee with good discipline stays focused on his goals and is determined to complete his assignments. These employees show a high level of dedication to the company, always ensuring they do their part.

Sense of Teamwork
Most employees have to work together to meet a company’s objectives. An employee with a high sense of teamwork helps a team meet its goals and deliver quality work. These employees respect their peers and help where they can, making collaborations go smoother.

If you think you might need a little more help, please call a Minnesota Online Advisor or visit the Minnesota Online Career Workshop. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor II

Maybe you already know this, but the Minnesota Online support center is staffed by a wonderful group of people working out of an office in Perham, Minnesota. While our numbers are small, we are definitely a lively, fun-loving bunch. You can learn more about our support team by perusing our biographies.

Given the continued growth in online learning and success of other partnerships that Minnesota Online fosters, this week we posted an opportunity to add a new member to our permanent staff. You can view the eAdvisor listing at the MnSCU job search under Northwest Technical College.

In light of opening our arms (and hearts) to a new friend, here are three great reasons you (or someone you know) should consider joining our crazy group:

  1. It takes very little convincing to get us all on board for a potluck.
  2. Internal emails are often written in song lyric (and still make perfect sense).
  3. We have philosophical discussions on the use of the term donut vs. roll.

Watch for more information on our new team member later this summer!

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